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Our Approach

Focus on Natural Solutions

We help people achieve the level of health they desire, from nutritional testing for comprehensive direction,  through various detoxing modalities and natural skin care, all while giving our clients the time and care they need.

Colon Hydrotherapy gently removes waste from the colon, with gravity fed water to ease the process and prevent damaging the colon wall.  

We have searched to find superior Organic Skincare products to bring to our clients. Osmosis Skincare uses  natural ingredients to achieve the maximum results for you through skin care facial treatments and masks to neutralize your skin conditions.  

Our Far Infrared sauna is a wonderful relaxing session to help the body sweat out toxins through the largest organ, your skin. 

Ionic Foot Detox, a warm foot bath to draw out toxins through the 250,00 pores we have on our feet 

Your Personal Needs

Your individual condition is of primary interest to us. We work with you to understand the underlying causes of discomfort and disease, to guide a path of solution to achieve the health you desire. 

We Truly Care

Your needs come first! 

Our great joy is your health success as you feel and look better. 

 We accept your Flex account card!!  

Spotlight Services

Tama Micro Current Facial

 The lines between Youth and age are disappearing! Now available with your Medi Facial, Tama Blue Onyx Micro Current Facial.​ 

 WAIT! STOP! First time clients call before you look on groupon for beneficial information. 

Wellness Days


Save Big on your Health!!

 All Year long, you focus on family, career, and helping others, and often neglect yourself. At Healthy Habits Wellness Center, we want to encourage restorative behavior in all its forms, which is why we're offering you a day at the Center! 

Enjoy a day of relaxation and full body cleansing through the bodies detoxing organs.

  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Customized Medi Facial 
  • Ionic Foot bath 
  • ​Far Infrared Sauna

You can take advantage or bring a friend, 2 can enjoy at a time, so find your Bff because the Center is yours!

Get $30 off Retail $240. You pay $210 ea. person

About Us

At Healthy Habits Wellness Center we strongly believe that each person's health is their own responsibility and health is achieved through intentional lifestyle choices. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Leone focuses on supporting each client in their own quest for optimum health through nutritional testing, colon hydrotherapy, and other detox modalities. Our clients also benefit from our medical grade skin care program. We  recognize that your needs are unique and strive to give the quality, personalized attention you deserve. 

Dr. Bonni Leone

 A Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy and Health Coach and has been in the holistic health field for over 15 years. Her studies have led to the conclusion that health begins and ends in the gut, from the mouth to the  colon and the skin, eyes and energy level are its reflection. 

Charli Leone

 An aesthetician licensed in the state of North Carolina. She has been working in her field since 2011 and is passionate about skin care; focusing on her client skin health, she is able to personalize their skincare regimen with Natural & Organic ingredients, that are active in renewing skin cells, and focus on building new collagen foundations. She is passionate about finding the right treatments for her guests to properly treat their individual needs and different skin types.  She specializes in speed waxing,  able to perform services in a fraction of the amount of time. 

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Feel free to contact us with any questions, inquiries, or to schedule an appointment. 

Healthy Habits Wellness Center

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