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Our Approach

Focus on Natural Solutions

Natural in today's culture is not normal and normal is rarely natural. Our lives are  filled with all kinds of culturally normal ways to look, act, think, eat and drink. But are they natural, balanced or healthy? 

Naturally our bodies are created to be healthy every day of our lives but, more often than not, it is more the norm for people to feel unwell most of their days.

Your Personal Needs

  We strongly believe that most anyone can achieve optimum daily health. Through a proper understanding of what their body needs, a plan to follow and full support we see this happen in our clients lives.

We utilize an analytical method that will reveal the source of your particular deficiencies and provide you with a personalized path forward for achieving the health you desire.

It is key to understand that it takes time for your body to heal itself and you are the only one that can get it back to a more natural way of functioning. We do not espouse quick fixes (that rarely work) but instead teach healthy life styles that take a life to do.

We Truly Care

Here at Healthy Habits Wellness Center we support our clients as they implement their personalized  lifestyle changes  - you are unique and one size does not fit all when it comes to your health.


Our great joy is your health success as you feel and look better. 

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Spotlight Services

Tama Micro Current Facial

 The lines between Youth and age are disappearing! Now available with your Medi Facial, Tama Blue Onyx Micro Current Facial.​ 


Wellness Days


Save Big on your Health!!

 All Year long, you focus on family, career, and helping others, and often neglect yourself. At Healthy Habits Wellness Center, we want to encourage restorative behavior in all its forms, which is why we're offering you a day at the Center! 

Enjoy a day of relaxation and full body cleansing through the bodies detoxing organs.

  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Customized Medi Facial 
  • Ionic Foot bath 
  • ​Far Infrared Sauna

You can take advantage or bring a friend, 2 can enjoy at a time, so find your Bff because the Center is yours!

Get $30 off Retail $240. You pay $210 ea. person

About Us

At Healthy Habits Wellness Center we strongly believe that each person's health is their own responsibility and health is achieved through intentional lifestyle choices. As a naturopathic doctor, Dr. Leone focuses on supporting each client in their own quest for optimum health through nutritional testing, colon hydrotherapy, and other detox modalities. 

Often when people first come to see us they have skin issues and  they benefit greatly from working with our expert Aesthetician in  her medical grade skin care program while also adjusting their diet and lifestyle .

 We  recognize that your needs are unique and strive to give the quality, personalized attention you deserve. 

Dr. Bonni Leone

Is a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy and Health Coach. She  has been in the holistic health field for over 20 years. Her journey started from a car accident  she was in while  9 months pregnant with her first child. From there the more she experienced with doctors the more she sought better answers which led her through years of training, trials and errors. 

On her journey  she has also become a Massage Therapist, Detox Specialist,  Iridologist, Microscopist, Aesthetician, and Certified Colon Hydrotherapist to date.

Her passion and specialty is gut health because all sickness begins in the gut from pimples to cancer.

She does and will continue to study and travel to learn as much as she can to bring the health message to the people. 

Charli Leone

 Has been very involved in natural health her whole life and began to see a connection between a person's gut issues and their skin.

 It was this revelation in 2011 that she decided to incorporate esthetics into her practice. She is passionate about skin care in combination with focusing on educating her client's about their overall health. 

She does not believe in using damaging chemicals that force the skin to protect itself, but instead uses ingredients that  encourage new cell growth.

She is an expert at formulating the right treatments  to properly address individual needs.

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